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only one more week and we’ll get to see the Painted Hawaii! 

I’m not interested in your stupid dreams.

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Here it comes, here it comes, here it comes again, yeah!

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When Noel paints Julian…


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Nanageddon’s coming with a demon in a wig

Noel | Big Fat Quiz of the Year 2013 (x)

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"Noel Fielding outside my local park. Top dude."
What. A. Dork.


Tell me five things about Noel, four of them true. Noel is a girl. He can’t drive. He is an extremely good football player. His nose has been broken. He didn’t drink once for three years.

Tell me five things about Julian, four of them true. Julian wants to make a film. He’s a father. He’s often funny but doesn’t know why. He’s obsessed with logic, which he often uses to portray absurdity. He’s made of coins.

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